AnadyrBlues | Super Weekend for AnadyrBlues!
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Super Weekend for AnadyrBlues!

Super Weekend for AnadyrBlues!

From Poland our friend Kasia have a good news…
NDM CAC Dog Show
AnadyrBlues Set Fire To The Rain (Mango), CAC & Best of Sex

From Mexico our dear Edson Barrios tell us some super news…
AnadyrBlues Fly Me To The Moon (Luna) won BOB and BOG!!
and second day BOBJ, BOB, BOGJ, BOG, and BIS Junior!!!!
She is only 10 months!

And in Spain at National and International Dog Show Alicante,
AnadyrBlues Someone Like You (PACO), won CAC, BOB and group finalist to the first day. And the second day CAC,CACIB BOS.

Thanks to all team for your great job with our Pugs!